University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science and Arts Honors in Computer Science

GPA: 3.8


Polymathic Scholars Honors Program

Polymathic Scholars is an honors program designed for undergraduates committed to the sciences who also have passionate interests beyond them. The program's mission is to foster these students' creative curiosity by helping them integrate their diverse interests into an academic degree plan that's both rigorous and personally rewarding.

As a part of the program, I am working a Capstone Thesis for the Evidence and Inquiry Certificate titled Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes using Design Strategies. In this paper, I plan to explore the overlap between teachers and designers, as well as propose ways in which design thinking strategies can be applied to classrooms to improve learning outcomes.

Digital Arts and Media Bridging Disciplines Program

The Bridging Disciplines Programs allow undergraduates to develop a secondary area of specialization that complements their major. The Digital Arts and Media program guides students toward careers in this dynamic field by providing a unique mix of courses from fine arts, design, radio-television-film, computer sciences, humanities, and engineering.

As a part of this program, I have created a capstone website that simulated various disabilities such as low motor control, different levels of color sensitivity, and navigating using a screen reader. To learn more visit the project page here!

UTeach Program

The UTeach program combines rigorous STEM degrees with secondary teaching certification. It emphasizing deep understanding of STEM content, practices and pedagogy, and strong connections between theory and practice. Upon completion of the program, I will receive certification to teach computer science at the highschool level in the state of Texas.

Relevant Course Work

Computer Science



Digital Art